UVC sterilizer box

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Intelligent 11Watts UVC sterilizer box with sterilization in 1 min Make in India

  • 1. Ideal for Home,Office,Bank,Hospital, Hotel, Spa, Salon, Gym, etc.
  • 2. Built-in_UVC bulb for safe, effective and efficient sanitization
  • 3. Removable, under mount drip tray
  • 4. Steady operation
  • 5. Elegantly designed to fit any room decorations durable construction longer serving life excellent Sterilizing capacity

Product description

Surface Disinfection Device for Everyday use, Can be used for Vegetables, Fruits, Mobiles, Wallets, Cash, Packaged Food, Jewellery and more completely safe on Food Will Kill 99.9 Bacteria, Fungus and all Kinds of Virus Designed for disinfecting personal household and office belonging like mobile phones, tablets, purse, currency, covers of office files, etc.

Effective against wide range of viruses and bacteria Improved & better packing with support for holder and tube Best in class UV-C Lamp (253.7 nm)(11W)